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Beer Ancillaries

Beer Enhancer Brewing Sugar

Malts & Hops


  • Crushed Pale Malt, available in 1Kg or 3Kg sizes
  • Dried Malt Extract available in 500gm & 1 Kilo bags – Extra Light, Light, Medium, Dark and Extra Dark Malt Extract.
  • Brewing Sugar/Glucose – 1Kg size
  • Beer Enhancer Available in 1Kg size
  • We would recommend using either Beer Enhancer or Brewing Sugar as an addition to the beer kits, instead of sugar. This produces a cleaner crisper taste to the beer.

Hops Hop Pellets available in:

  • Fuggles
  • Goldings
  • Bramling Cross
  • Hallertau
  • Northern Brewer & Styrian Goldings.

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watch This is specially prepared so that the alpha acids are available without boiling and it can be added to the finished beer to increase the bitterness.


Beer Yeasts

Beer Yeast As supplied in all Muntons popular beer kits.

Lager Yeast

dating attitudes inventory A bottom fermenting yeast which produces crisp, clean lagers.

Real Ale Yeast

Beer Finings

Beer Finings Gives perfect clarity with most beers.

estrategia de opciones condor Incorporates a starch enzyme to ensure clarity even when there is a residual starch in the finished beer.

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source link Sizes : Sachet (for 40 pints), 114ml (80pt), 560 ml(400pt)